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Panel Physicians


Our Team of IRCC Panel Physicians and Administrators Are Experienced, Caring and Look Forward to Assisting You.

To book with a specific doctor or for translation assistance, please email the clinic.

Dr. Humberto Martinho

Dr. Martinho is an experienced doctor and has been a Panel Physician for Canada Immigration for over 15 years. He has spent several years living in the Philippines and has traveled extensively. He has practiced medicine around the world and is fluent in Portuguese, English and French.

Dr. Shahil Sood

Dr. Sood is a skilled Panel Physician for Canada Immigration and is a designated Transport Canada doctor. He is fluent in  Punjabi and English. Dr. Sood loves hockey, food and travel. Be sure to ask him about his latest travel adventure!

Dr. Manraj Johal

Dr. Johal is a Panel Physician as well a clinical professor with the University of British Columbia and a peer reviewer for the British Medical Journal. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, road biking and snowboarding. 

Dr. Chris Downton

Dr. Downton is a Panel Physician with experience working in both urban and rural family practice, focusing on refugee and indigenous health. He is an avid traveller and enjoys hiking, skiing, and musical theatre in his spare time.

Dr. Desmond Dwyer

Dr. Dwyer was a Panel Physician for Canada Immigration for over 20 years and now sits on our Board of Directors. 

Dr. Dwyer immigrated to Canada from Cork, Ireland.

Dr. Stephen Macdonald

Dr. Macdonald is an experienced Vancouver family doctor as well as an IRCC panel physician. He enjoys getting to know his patients, spending time with his family and playing hockey of course! 

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