Frequently asked questions

When Can I Make an Appointment?

The fastest way to secure an appointment is to book online via our website. Appointments are typically available Monday to Friday starting at 7:30am. We are also open on Saturdays. If you are able, we ask that you book online and in advance to secure your desired appointment time. If you choose to call our office to book, please know your immigration application type (for example: Express Entry, Visitor, Study or Work) and have an idea of your ideal appointment time. Please also have your IME number available if you have one. Note that early morning and Saturday options fill up quickly, so please call/book well in advance if you would like one of these popular times.

How Do I Prepare and What Should I Bring?

Our team will take great care of you during your appointment. Please note that fasting is not required and you are encouraged to eat and drink as normal. We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes or cologne. Note that you are not required to bring photographs, as we will do this at the clinic.

Please bring to your appointment:

  • All documents that you have received from Immigration Canada, such as your Medical Report/IMM1017 form. Note that upfront medicals do not require these forms.
  • Official government issued identification (such as a valid passport or a refugee ID). Please note, if you are using a passport, you must bring the ORIGINAL. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • If you have a previous or existing medical condition, please bring any medical reports, test results or prescriptions that you may have. This may help to reduce the time it takes for your application to be processed.
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you use them.
  • An English speaking friend or family member if needed for translation during the physical exam and to help fill out your health history forms. We do not provide translation assistance for filling out forms or communication with the physician.
  • Payment via local debit card or credit card. Note that there is a $5 processing fee for credit cards. We are not accepting cash currently due to Covid-19.

What Can I Expect During the Medical Exam?

The standard procedure for all immigration medical examinations will be followed during your appointment, which includes questions about your health history and a physical examination. Note that no internal examinations take place and breast exams are only completed if there is a history of breast cancer. A female staff chaperone is available to join you in the exam room if you wish. During the Pandemic, we are not requiring clients to undress. Urinalysis is required for those ages 5 and older and X-Rays are required for those 11 years and older. Blood tests are required for those 15 years and older and are completed in the office. Photos will be taken on site during your visit to our office for your application. The exam will take approximately 2 hours of time. No fasting is required. However, please stay hydrated, as you will be required to provide a urine sample and give blood during your appointment. Your health case will be submitted within 10 full business days to IRCC following your appointment date (Note that statutory holiday and Saturdays are not included in the processing time). This timing is standard for all IRCC immigration medical clinics. Please be aware that if any of your tests are abnormal you may be required to complete further testing, which may incur additional costs and processing time. If you are required to complete further health examinations, you will be notified by IRCC once your case has been assessed. For further information on IRCC's health assessment process, please visit the website at

What Languages Do You Speak?

Members of our clinic are fluent in English, Spanish, French, Punjabi, Tagalog, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. While our staff is able to assist with booking appointments and the translation of what to expect, we ask that you bring a family member or friend to help with communcation during the medical exam and for assistance filling out the required health history forms.

What Happens After the Examination?

If your health exam is normal, your health case will be submitted electronically via E-Medical. This occurs within 10 complete business days (Monday-Friday), following the date of your exam. Please be aware that provincial and national holidays are not included in this time frame. We kindly ask that you do not call our office to follow up on your file. Any further questions about your application or your health examination results should be directed to your visa officer. Keep in mind that you will receive notification directly from Immigration Canada regarding your status, not our office. If your results are abnormal, you will be advised by IRCC and you may be required to return to our clinic to complete further testing. Please note there are additional fees for follow up appointments and tests.

What If I Need to Cancel My Appointment?

We kindly ask that you call the office in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. Ideally, please provide 48 hours notice if you have to cancel and note that online bookings must be cancelled over the phone. Please make every effort to let us know if you can't make your appointment, as we have reserved the time with our panel physician and staff for you.

How Will COVID-19 Impact My Appointment and Application?

Our clinic is open with special measures in place for your safety. All clients are now required to bring their own mask or a scarf to cover their face during the time in our office. Additional guests are not permitted in the clinic, with the exception of translators and small children. If you would like to bring a friend, they will be required to wait in the hallway.

Please refer to the IRCC link below for information regarding your application during this challenging time.

Will My X-Ray, Blood Work and Exam Happen on the Same Day?

Yes. Everything required for your exam will happen on the same day.

What Safety Measures Do You Have in Place Given Covid -19?

We are working hard to ensure your safety given Covid-19.

The list of measures we have implemented at our clinic is long. Below are a few which might help you to feel more comfortable, knowing that we have thought through your experience in our office. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

  • All incoming clients are screened prior to arrival
  • We have installed professional grade plexiglass in our front reception area
  • The number of clients served at one time has been reduced, limiting the number of people in the clinic at one time
  • We have reduced the number of chairs in the waiting room
  • We have reduced the handling of paper forms and clip boards and implemented the use of disposable pencils
  • We have strict cleaning protocols now in place
  • Our doctors and lab technicians are now outfitted in full medical grade protective wear